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Jordan & Mathew | Engagement Session

I loved having the opportunity to photograph my fellow alumnus from St. Pat's Elementary, Jordan, and her fiancé. It was so fun to reminisce and share old memories, hear about other former classmates we are still friends with, and to just catch up. I was thrilled Jordon contacted me and that she wanted me to be her wedding photographer.

We had the perfect summer night, utilizing the horse farm where her famous show horses are housed as the shoot location. I learned so much about the work behind having these show horses; what is involved for a show, the various locations for a show, what qualifies a horse as a world champion, and the level of care and training involved in having these horses. 

It was a fantastic experience to have learned so much and to spend some quality time with an old friend. It felt especially good to work again after being quarantined for the last few months, I am thankful that I can do my job again! Check out my favorite photos from their engagement session below and let me know what you think!

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