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Congratulations !!  I think your dog is cute! You aren’t the only one! 


I am scheduling 30 minute sessions on Oct 7th from noon to 5. The session will be happening at my house on the northeast side of Brighton. The images will be happening in the garage next to the yard tools. The backdrop will be in the garage while the garage door will be open. This shoot will not happen if it rains or bad weather.  I live on 1.25 acres with a fenceless yard. During the session, the dog will be required to be off leash. The street I live off of is dirt. If you don’t feel comfortable will your dog in this scenario, let me know.

Please do not get out of your car until we give you the okay! 

I will give you 3 or more images of your dog. Depending on how your dog does with the props and lights will depend on how many images you will receive.


Please tell me about the bandannas or props that you could bring.


You will need to give me a deposit of $20 to save your slot. When you show up for your session I will give you the $20 back. If you don’t, I get to keep it. You can send it by venmo or pay with credit card. 


I will be using the images for greeting cards and maybe posters but not sure yet. 

Time slots

Thanks! Message sent.

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