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Senior year...what an amazing time! There are many milestones that happen during your last year of high school; final dances and sporting events, college tours and testing, Prom, and of course your graduation day. Senior photos are a part of that as well, they go in the yearbook after all. Its the image you leave as a memory to your classmates as you venture on in your life. Choosing the right photographer to capture your senior pictures can make all the difference. 

My goal as a photographer is to always make my client feel comfortable in front of the camera but to also have fun while I'm snapping away. Having a solo photo shoot can make anyone nervous. Don’t worry!  Its part of my job to help you with posing and styling to ensure you look awesome. My ultimate goal is show you how beautiful (or handsome!) you really are...and the proof will be in the prints. 

Make sure you fill out the form below as best as you can! I would love to learn more about you/your senior. Be sure to mention if your senior plays a sport or an instrument, if there is a particular location you are looking for, or anything else you think I need to know. 

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