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Photography Planning Timeline

Three months from Wedding Day...


Start preparing for our one-month-out meeting!

  • Put together your photography list of pictures you like, including combinations of friends and family that you want to photograph together! Pro tip: Be sure to touch base with your parents—especially the moms—about family photos!

  • Determine where the bridal party will be getting ready day-of. At the one-month meeting I will collect addresses from you.

  • Chat with your partner about whether or not you will be doing a first look. If you do (or don't), that will be a big factor in our photography timeline for the wedding day! Can't decide? Check out my Bride Guide on the pros & cons of a first look (page 8).

  • Check out some of the other things we will be going over in our one-month-out meeting! (See below)



One month from your wedding day, we will set up a phone call to go over final details and day-of timeline. Here are some things we will talk about... 

  • Photography list! Pictures you need, pictures you want. Now's the time to talk about it! Do you have a Pinterest board? Send me the link!

  • Day-of addresses. If not at the venue, I will need addresses of where the bridal party is getting gussied up.

  • First look? You've already chatted with your partner about the first look, now we will factor this into our photography timeline for the wedding day! 

  • Vendor contacts and/or Instagram handles. I like to tag all of your vendors when sharing pictures on social media. You can give me a list of their business titles or their instagram handles. Whatever is easiest for you!

  • Will you be writing letters to your partner? If so, make sure I'm there when you read them!


  • Ask your officiant to step to the side during your first kiss. 

  • Remind your caterers that vendors get served first after the bridal party

  • During this meeting, your second payment is due! As a reminder, final payment is due prior to the wedding day. 


  • Wedding invitation

  • Wedding rings

  • Free-standing flowers. Ask your florist if we can have a couple of free-standing flowers we can place with our photos of the rings and invitations!

  • Marriage license filled out to the point where all you have to do is sign. This saves us precious photography time! Pro Tip: Don't forget to write your married name!


  • Have you sent me your photography list?

  • Have you sent me your getting-ready addresses?

  • ​Have you sent me your vendor list?

  • Have you submitted your full wedding payment?


  • You will receive sneak peek photos from your wedding day. If you're posting them to Instagram, please tag me @keepers_by_kelly!​ (Photo tags and word of mouth are hugely helpful to me and my business!)

  • I will ask any follow up questions that might have come up during the wedding day.

  • I’ll share a timeline for when you can expect to receive the rest of your photos (somewhere between 3-6 weeks, depending on the time of year.)

    • If there is an album included in your photography package, please select your favorite photos within 90 days of receiving the gallery. 



Don't hesitate to reach out to me! I want to help you in any way that I can. I love what I do and I love my couples; I’m so excited to be working with you!


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