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Back from San Fran!

Back from Cali, once again! This time in San Francisco; and the story behind how I ended up there is actually quite unique. Last March I flew to Las Vegas and then traveled to Utah. Before I hit Utah I stopped at Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada. (If you are ever in Vegas make sure you go to V.O.F.- it’s beautiful) While exploring, I saw this couple dressed super nice with a camera on a tripod. I approached them and introduced myself and asked what they were doing and they told me they just got married and were taking pictures! I did a photoshoot for them right then and there. Afterwards, we exchanged information and they reached out to me again and they hired me to do a hometown shoot in San Fran! I was lucky to book more than one shoot during my time in San Francisco; and what I loved is that no two shoots were the same. I spent time photographing a couple in front of the iconic Painted Ladies homes (where the opening credits of "Full House” is filmed)  I also photographed a couple on cliffs by the ocean. With every couple comes their own vibe and I love how each location complimented them. I couldn't be happier with my weekend is San Francisco. If you have questions on where photos were taken please let me know. I'd be happy to book another trip out to photograph you!

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