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Meredith & Matthew | Wedding

YAY! My first big wedding of the year and it feels so good to be back! I'm very glad that Meredith & Matt didn’t have to postpone their wedding during this crazy time of COVID, and their wedding day did not disappoint. The love these two have for each other, and for others, was overwhelming. In the midst of getting ready for her big day, Meredith took the time to ask me how things were with me as well as my dog. It melted my heart to know this woman, who could be totally self-involved on her day, cared to even ask. She and Matthew have such serving, caring hearts. 

Rain was in the forecast but we were clear before the ceremony so we decided to do a first look to make sure we didn’t get stuck in a torrential downpour.  The first look took place at the beautiful Suttons Barn in Whitmore Lake. We went to the 18th hole to a ginormous oak tree to have an intimate first look. Those photos were breathtaking! 

Suttons Barn had a ceremony site right next to a tent overlooking the pond for guests. If guests couldn't make it to the wedding, or didn't feel comfortable congregating, Matt and Meredith arranged to have the wedding live-streamed to include everyone! 

The night ended with amazing food and the biggest cinnamon roll cake I have ever seen! The rain came quickly and helped me create the most epic photo! It's definitely my favorite of the year. Shout out to my assistant Anna for standing in the rain to help capture the moment!  

Thank you so much, Meredith and Matt, for letting me photograph your big day! Check out my favorites below! 

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