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Abbey & Jayne

Abbey and Jayne's backyard wedding was nothing short of amazing it was timeless and elegant. I would love to photograph more weddings like this. We were able to create our own schedule, and do everything that we wanted without any limitation.

I usually don’t talk about myself when writing these blog posts, but Abbey and I played college basketball together. When I walked into the getting ready area, Abbey knew all my achievements and accolades from 10 years ago on the basketball court. It’s amazing that she made me feel special on one of her special days. Every time Abbey and Jayne talked to someone, they made them feel like they had all the time in the world to finish the conversation with them.

We were able to take photos of the dresses before they were put on, and I loved how similar they were, yet individually showed both of their personalities. These two are so easy to pose and talk to. They are always checking in on each other and making sure that the other one is happy or needs anything. They love each other enough to run marathons together. Tell me, isn't that true love?

I could go on and on about all the love and support that this couple had to create this beautiful day with all their friends and family, but definitely, some of my favorite photos from the year were from this wedding.

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