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Haley & Shane | Wedding

I walked into Shayne and Haley's wedding in Ann Arbor a little worried because of Michigan was having their welcome weekend the same weekend. Despite initial nerves, everything came together flawlessly. We discovered a hidden vine-covered wall in an alley near their Airbnb, providing a private escape amidst the bustling streets. Amidst our walk around town, we stumbled upon a delightful macaroon shop, adding sweet memories to the day.

Sutton's Barn greeted us with exquisite floral arrangements. Shayne and Haley's choice to skip a wedding party allowed their love to shine brightly. The absence of distractions highlighted their profound connection, resulting in stunning photographs. Shayne was a natural in front of the camera as the day went on, exuding confidence and charm. I couldn't be happier with how these photos turned out.

In essence, Shayne and Haley's wedding was a masterpiece—a perfect combination of beautiful locations and delightful moments. It was an honor to capture their love story, preserving the enchantment of their special day.

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