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Leigh & Chandler - Wedding

This will probably be first and last surprised wedding I will ever photograph. Yes I said surprised. A week before June 3rd I received a phone call from Chandler saying this surprised engagement party is turning into a wedding. I said “does Leigh know about this?” And the answer was “It’s a surprise Kelly”. You are probably thinking that’s crazy and you are right but everyone that knows about Leigh and Chandler knows that they love each other very much. They don’t care about the details they just want to spend the rest of their lives together.

Leigh you were absolutely stunning and Chandler thank you for being the butt end of all my jokes.

Also check out the beautiful venue Eyry of the Engle in Grass Lake (

Psalm 90:14 surprise us with love at daybreak; then we’ll skip and dance all the day long.

Check out my favorites from Chandler & Leigh’s Wedding below!

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