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Liz & Mitchell

Join me as we reminisce about the wedding celebration of Liz and Mitchell at Watermark Country Club. From the cozy church ceremony to the lively reception, their special day was filled with love, joy, and beautiful moments.

Liz and Mitchell's heartfelt church ceremony was a cozy and magical affair. With their loved ones surrounding them, they exchanged vows as rain created an enchanting atmosphere as the ringing of the real church bell marked the beginning of their new journey together.

Following the ceremony, the wedding party hopped on a charming trolley, embarking on a joyful celebration. Laughter filled the air as they toasted, shared stories, and enjoyed the scenic views along the way, creating unforgettable memories.

Watermark Country Club provided a stunning backdrop for Liz and Mitchell's reception. Bathed in natural light, the venue showcased its elegance and charm, making every moment even more special. The soft glow enhanced the romantic ambiance, creating a memorable setting for their celebration.

Liz's infectious energy took over the dance floor, getting everyone on their feet. With a talented DJ setting the mood, the night was filled with dancing and joy. As guests celebrated, they also had the opportunity to appreciate the picturesque golf course scenery surrounding the venue.

Liz and Mitchell's wedding day was a magical celebration of love. From the cozy church ceremony to the lively trolley ride and the beautiful reception at Watermark Country Club, every moment was filled with happiness and enchantment. It was an honor to capture these precious memories, and we wish Liz and Mitchell a lifetime of love and joy together.


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